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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vietnamese wedding dress

When you attend a wedding ceremony in Vietnam you will often see the bride in at least 3 different dresses during the evening in 1 day.

Brides in Vietnam often rent these dresses for the occasion. The rental shops not only rent dresses and tuxes but often also take studio photos of the bride and groom, photoshop all the blemishes and add a scenic background to the photos, print the wedding album, do the photography the day of the wedding, and do the hair and makeup for the studio shoot and on the day of the wedding.

 For the wedding album photoshoot (which takes place about a month before the event) I wore 4 different dresses and on the day of the wedding I opted to only have one costume change. Best of all in terms of US dollars it was not cheap, about $200 for the rental, hair and amp; makeup, photoshoot and a beautiful album.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Good colors for vietnamese wedding dress

If you have some problem about colors to use in vietnamese wedding ceremony, best colors to wear to Vietnamese wedding. You have to think about the ceremony that in the morning or in the afternoon. I think If use red it will be good because it is a lucky color for Vietnamese or another country in Asia. the Others colors you can use but don,t wear black. It is unlucky colours. ^^

Thursday, September 27, 2012

four separate ceremonies in vietnamese wedding

four separate ceremonies in vietnamese wedding

       In  Vietnamese wedding traditions, there are four separate ceremonies in vietnamese wedding by

1. the Groom's family to officially seek permission from the Bride's family.
2. the Bride's family to officially accept.
3. the celebrate this engagement and the impending union.
4. the wedding ceremony.

vietnamese wedding